Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of our customers’ systems, optimizing our products and solutions, and achieving adequate profitability in line with our targets, it is also imperative that we run our business on a sustainable basis, responsibly committed towards society.

We understand sustainability as the symbiosis between economy, ecology and social engagement, continuously respecting and recognizing the importance of cultural diversity. This is reflected in our CSR Policy that sets guidelines for responsible and sustainable business operation, based on the fulfilment of the legal requirements where we operate and the commitment to follow the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, which we signed up for in 2004. Furthermore, internal rules and requirements, voluntary self-commitments, as well as our customers' requirements, form an additional framework for our approach.

Please see our CSR Policy.

Please see our CSR Organization.

Based on the ethical values mentioned above, we have identified six fields of activity:

CSR Performance Summary

CSR Performance Summary

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